Grab Bitcoin every hour for life!

Step one. Registration.

To register or log into your account, enter your bitcoin wallet number, and click the Join button. Your account page will open. Here you see: your bitcoin wallet number, balance, a button leading to the withdrawal page and statistics of your account, a button leading to the satoshi collection page, and below is a referral link in two versions.

The account is tied to a bitcoin address and we do not use any emails or passwords.

You don't have a Bitcoin wallet.

Generate it. We offer a recognized site for generating paper bitcoin wallets BitAddressOrg

The generation process will take less than a minute and without any registration. You will receive a Public key, that is, your bitcoin address, and a Private key that gives you the right to dispose of coins on this wallet.

By owning a Private key, you can import your wallet into any offline wallet or online service that supports the function of importing bitcoin wallets, and manage your coins through their interface.

For these purposes, we recommend the Spectrocoin online service. Even a baby can import their wallet into Spectrocoin. Just register with them, enter the bitcoin wallet and you will see everything there.

Spectrocoin is one of the industry's pioneers with a positive track record. In addition to bitcoin, the service supports a dozen more popular cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, currency exchange, internal transfers, spectrocoin issues debit cards for cryptocurrency and fiat, in Spectrocoin you can open an IBAN bank account and receive a salary to this account, you can transfer money from and to bank cards , bank accounts, payment systems, and so on. There you can even take out a loan secured by cryptocurrency.

Official Youtube Channel of Spectrocoin.

Another option you might find useful is the FaucetPay wallet or ExpressCrypto The only advantage of this wallets is that it provides site administrators with a technical solution to conduct micro transactions. Therefore many crypto faucets and similar resources require users to use wallets only from FaucetPay or ExpressCrypto.

On our website, you can use any bitcoin wallet.

Step two. Earning bitcoins.

Faucet Claim.

Open the captcha filling page, solve the captcha and click the Claim button. You can repeat the procedure in 60 minutes.


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You can download promo materials . here

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Step tree. Withdraw.

Log in to your account, open the statistics and withdrawal page. If your balance has reached a minimum, you will have links with withdrawal options for different wallets:FaucetPay, ExpressCrypto, and regular ones. Click on the link corresponding to your wallet.

Payments are made automatically within 60 seconds.

Video how to use